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Monkey for president is a band, founded by four like-minded guys for the town of Alken, Belgium. After everyone played in several rock bands, and making you ears pop. They all ended up with the same feeling: I want to do things differently.


Kristof and Brecht very quickly found this common ground, and started looking for a drummer to join the band. Some time passed, and Joeri joined the band. The last one to join in was Joris. Forming this band happened in a natural flow of the course of 6 months.


Soon, in this formation, we started to play some covers just to get started and create 'our sound'.

Days became weeks, and weeks become months, months became ... songs.


We started writing our own songs as this was our goal from day 1. In winter we took some time off, and went to Arcen. In the local holiday parc we excluded ourself for 4 days.


Upon our return, and after some finetuning of the songs ... Things started to evolve into a final style: Americana

Time taught us that something was missing to our sound...
Some kind of final touch...

This is where Shannon came into the band. Very quickly she picked up our songs and played new arrangements on her violin. Now we can't even imagine it not being there!

But still we were hungry for a next step! In 2019 we started the recording of our first album. In the studio we soon discovered the amazing vocal capabilities of Shannon. And thus pushing our songs again to a higher level! 

It took some time, and a pandemic to finish our album. But we are proud to introduce our fist album: The Devils Drink! If you like it, support our band and buy the album. Enjoy!


Make sure to check out our tour schedule.

For bookings please take a look at the different options on this website, or contact us.

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